CPO’s Mission and Who I am…

Sharing thoughts, ideas and information that will help you discover God’s plan for you – to strengthen you spiritually, mentally and physically!

My name is Ray Emnace. I am a…

  • Husband to an incredible woman of more than 20 years – God’s gift – she is strong and smart;
  • Father to two beautiful daughters (a ballerina and a cowgirl/marine biologist);
  • Son to wonderful parents – they still laugh together and at one another too and hold hands;
  • Brother to a man who enjoys life;
  • Worker, Friend and
  • Disciple of Jesus & Mary – Pray, Study, Be Generous and Share & Defend My Faith

I live in the City of Angels, enjoy medium-rare rib-eye steak and sushi; vodka tonic is my drink of choice; love to listen to jazz, country and R & B; sacred classics soothes my soul.

Ray Cigar

  1. Gina Cilento says:

    Beautiful! i am blessed to know a wonderful, faith filled man as you. hope to share a medium-rare steak and Cohiba with you someday and meet your family. Our Lady must be so proud to have you on her team.
    LOVE and Blessings,
    your new partner and friend,

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