Hearts Set on Children

Posted: September 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

As fathers, we must let our children know that we love them.  We must carry our entire family in our hearts.  Not only do we need to demonstrate this love to them, but we must also SAY IT.  Say, “I Love You!”.  Then be quiet.  Nothing more needs to be said.   Too often we say too much and soon find ourselves criticizing. 

Our children need to hear that they are loved.  They need to hear it, see it, and feel it.  How did you feel when your child without any prompting, comes to you, hugs you and tells you that they love you, daddy.  Any father will tell you that no money on earth can buy it.

We must also demonstrate our love to our children.  Children see how we walk, what is important to us.  If your faith is important to you, they notice.  Be a teacher through example.  Your children will not become men of God unless they see and witness a man of God.  Don’t nag thus they become hard-hearted. 

Spend time with your children.  Time is the great treasure because it is the gift of our self.  Children have a right to expect their fathers to be involved in their lives.  Discuss their joys, sorrows, experiences.  Raising your children just doesn’t mean existing as a father, it means to participate in their life.  It means to listen to them.  Make sure they know how important they are; how special they are.  Have fun!  Relax!  But it is also important that we instill discipline and high morals more than money and expensive toys. As a father our heart is set on our children, we carry our family in our heart.

As a father, if your heart is not set on your children, then they will be lost.  And, you will be lost.  Your greatest hope and prayer as a father is the salvation of your children, the souls that God has put in your care.

“Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up with the training and instruction of the Lord.” ( Eph 6:4)

 Actions to Live By

  • This weekend – set aside the lawn care, the paperwork, the to-do lists and even the “honey-do” list.  Grab your kids and head to the park.  Play a game that everyone can take part in.  When you’re done, go get some ice cream.     Sit around the table and look each one in the eyes and say “I love you!”
  • Ask your teenage child to go for a walk. Go to lunch or out for coffee.   Just talk.



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