Posted: August 18, 2014 in Fatherhood, Spiritual, Spiritual Warfare

Men, this is where we lay down our life, die to self.  Our constant struggle will be with selfishness, our self-will and self-restraint.

Within this guideline we also discuss sexuality.  The most intimate union is between husband and wife.  Two become one and co-creators with God. Sexuality is a gift from God.  Many forget God created sex.

Two of the biggest lies the world has to offer is contraception and abortion.  In marriage we stand before God, two become one.  Marriage is to be a total gift of one to the other. We promise to give our whole self to each other and love each other until death.  We promise to accept children willingly.  But then in the most intimate single moment with our spouse we say “No” when we use a contraceptive.  We say no to the person we just vowed to.   We reject God’s word, we reject His gift of co-creator and from that point selfishness and lack of generosity seeps into every single part of our life.  If you have contraceptives, get rid of them.  Throw them in the garbage today.  As men of God we need to stand up against the lie of contraception in the world today.  We need to be open to life.  Don’t be part of a culture that says contraception is a good thing.  God condemned it in Genesis 38: 9-10 (Judah and Tamar) and Galatians 5 (Proper Use of Freedom).  God the Father is holy and pure and He is calling us to be His sons and be like Him.

Within this gift of sexuality, God gives us lasting pleasure.  When God gives, He gives in fullness.  Our union is blessed when we love sexually without contraception.  We love our spouses totally, without inhibition.  We respect them completely.  We respect God’s gift of “co-creator” without inhibition.  When we love in this way, God wraps his arms around our union, for this is the pure love that he intended and created.  Yes, we need to be responsible and prayerful.  But we need to be unselfish and generous with God.  And when we are, His blessing and protection are upon our marriage continually.

Sex outside of marriage or use of contraception leads to “destruction” of our persons, our relationship with each other and our relationship with God.  There is no “construction” in this type of relationship, only destruction.  We are asked to imitate God our Father and contraception is a sin directly against the Fatherhood that we are called to imitate.

When you take away the “self”, you receive the gift and blessing in its purest form.  When you take away lust and selfishness from sex, you will have an intimate, pleasurable, fulfilling union.

Our sexuality is a gift from our Father.  He created it.  When we receive it as a gift, we treasure it. We desire to make our relationship holy because it is meant to be.  This is everlasting happiness.  This union with our spouse and God is Matrimony, a sacrament.  Our goal is that we love our wives in twenty, thirty or forty years more than the day we were married.  God knew marriage was not easy.   He knew we would need His special grace.  He gave us marriage as a sacrament because He knew we cannot do it alone. We need His sacramental grace and through this sacrament you become a channel of God’s love to your wife and your wife becomes a channel of His love back to you.

“What profit is there for one to gain the whole world and forfeit his life?”  (Mark 8:36)

Actions to Live By

  • Search your data banks. Where have you been dishonest in the way you live?  Take that to God and ask for His forgiveness.  The next stop is to start making some changes.  Your wife and kids want the honest and real you.
  • A lot of us struggle with seeing ourselves correctly. Remember, we may not be able to see our faults, weaknesses and hypocrisies, but our kids can.  Pick    out one area that needs some work and start on that one.  Make it an easy    one so you can see some quick results.  Then try another.



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