Posted: September 26, 2013 in Fatherhood, Spiritual
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God is the servant of all.  One of our Holy Father’s title is Servus Servorum Dei – “Servant of the Servants of God”.  We must become servants as fathers.  The greatest is the one who serves.  Just as in the parable of the talents  (Matt 25:14) “when a man who was going on a long journey called in his servants and entrusted his possessions to them” God has entrusted us as fathers/servants with his possessions.  We are merely caretakers of his children.  As servants we are accountable to the responsibilities that God has given us.  The secret to fathering is gaining loving authority, by serving, sacrifice and loyal commitment.

Being a servant requires courage.  We must become small, humble and our focus, our energy, is totally on our wife, our child, and our neighbor.  We must see Christ in all we serve.  We must look through the eyes of Christ.

This requires being attentive.  We must anticipate the needs of our wife and children.  And we have to show this attentiveness.   A morning coffee brought to your wife or occasionally having her bath ready to go for her when she comes home from a late night of work.  Towel out, favorite cookies and glass of wine.  Maybe a candle or two.  To our children we should be enablers to growth and not inhibitors by controlling every move.  Gain their trust.  Be there for your children.  Become a positive enabler by showing good example and promote positive healthy growth.  Let your children see your love for them.  Let them see the love and honor you have for your wife.

On the surface, a daily cup of coffee or occasional glass of wine ready to go at the bathtub doesn’t seem like much, but remember the little things, anticipating them, counts for so much.

Within this guideline we must also ask for the intercession of the saints.  Pray through the saints for help with the individual needs of with those of your children.  Pray now for the person who may someday marry your son or daughter.  Pray for their family that God may bless them and watch over them.

Be obedient.  As head of our family, obedience to the church will measure out as protection.  If we are not obedient, then we place ourselves, we place our heart outside the church, outside our circle of grace and then we are lost.

“Just so, your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father.”  Matt 5:16

The greatest is the one who serves.  Jesus was the example to us of the one who serves.  When you see a dirty in the sink from yesterday, or a room that needs to be cleaned don’t say anything but just clean it.  Be the servant.  When your son needs to go to the ball park for the fifth time this week, don’t say not again in your heart or under your breath.  Be the servant.  In your prayer life, set time aside to pray.  Take time away maybe from a newspaper or TV show and pray.  Start slowly.  Be a servant. Do something unexpected for your wife.  A surprise card or dessert.

God has entrusted His possessions to us…..His children entrusted in our care.  Do we help them grow in the church, in their faith or do we not do anything?  Are we examples to them in the sacraments or do we rarely attend confession or for that matter, holy mass.  Do we bury the gifts of our fatherhood vocation in the ground just as the servant who had received one talent.  Or, will we be able to say that we spent ourselves on being a servant to our families both spiritually and for all their needs.  Then God will say to us, ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant. Since you were faithful in small matters, I will give you great responsibilities.  Come and share your master’s joy’.

Decide that the moment you walk into the house you will start putting your listening power into operation.  Really try to show you’re hearing what your wife or kids are saying.  Observe their reactions and how they treat you in return.



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