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Work in your Fatherhood should not to be too narrow in focus where your focus is only on yourself, or just your family.  By being limited in view we become small and miss opportunities to teach and share with others.

Do we “fear the crowd” to be expansive in the opportunity that God puts before us?  If God gives us a job to do, a job to share the Word through our actions, our compassion, our talents, do we refuse because we are afraid.  Our Holy Father tells us today the words of Jesus, “Do not be afraid”.  John Paul II also tells us that “love drawn from God’s heart spurs the whole family to find the time to attend to the elderly, to devote themselves to the sick, to be involved in the difficult situations around them, including regional problems and the more general problems of the nation.  The family does not live its vocation to the full if it is not open to the needs of the community”.

 Expand your gifts outside to your larger family; maybe the less fortunate, poor, outcasts.  Volunteer for parish ministries, community programs.  When you’re involved, your children are involved.  Your children watch you closely and study your actions.  Your children will never be men of God if they don’t see a man of God in you.  They will never stay and be Catholic if you are not Catholic.  Catholic everyday in your daily life, your words, your actions, your love of the church, love of your wife, your children, your care for the poor.

Open your heart – THAT is where your richness lies.  Allow God to stretch and form you.  We do not know where our ‘yes’ will lead us.  We need to make a conscious decision to grow in the use of the talents and skills God has given us.  Often times in an expansive mode we can find ourselves in times of doubt and former ways can become especially tempting.  We must tell ourselves in times like this that “I have decided that I am not turning back.”

Jesus tells us to give of ourselves in Luke 6:38.  What a reward He has for us. “Give and gifts will be given to you; a good measure, packed together, shaken down, and overflowing, will be poured into your lap”.

Consider this:

1)  What are ways in our lives that we teach our families the importance of service to the under privileged? 

2) What parish ministries are you involved in?  Your children notice your involvement or lack of it.

3)  Expand yourself into the community activities of your children.  Take interest.  Do you attend ball games, help sell candy, go to museums, and attend their shows?

4)  Traditions as a family can be a good path and growth in being expansive.  Examples are wrapping and handing out gloves to the homeless at Christmas time.  Picking tags off a gift tree for under privileged children.  Have your family or group sponsor another family for the Holidays, perhaps prepare a turkey dinner for them.

Actions to Live By

  • Think back to your childhood.  What was the one thing that you really enjoyed doing?  Then do it with your children and bring them into your life; and with your friends and those around you.  You won’t believe how much they’ll enjoy discovering who dad was as a kid.



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