The Importance of Prayer in Our Life

Posted: July 28, 2013 in Fatherhood, Prayer

Two things are needed for prayer:

  1. Intimacy with God; this has be developed and nourished;
  2. Intensity of the Heart – be persistent

Prayer is food for our spirituality.  It is the water that nourishes the tree so that it can grow strong and bear fruit.  Without this nourishment the tree dries up, dies, and bears no fruit.  It is the same way with our spirituality.  The spirituality of our Fatherhood requires prayer.  Prayer is the water that feeds the tree of our vocation.  Prayer gives us strength, opens our hearts to God’s grace that we may responsibility fulfill our vocation as father and husband.

 We should remember to pray as Jesus taught us.  When Jesus was in deep prayer, He always was alone, and He talked to the Father from His heart.  He gave His feelings to the Father and nothing was hidden.  As fathers we need to pray and we need to pray daily.    If you have not prayed in the past, start slowly, it is not quantity, but quality.  Talk to God just like you do to your best friend.  Give God your heart and he will guide you in growth of your prayer life.  There are many methods of prayer and overtime you will discover that certain methods open your heart to our Lord more than others.

Take time with God and give Him your heart.  Try sitting in a quiet and peaceful area, read the following prayer and imagine that our loving Father is speaking just to you.

Quiet Time With The Father

You do not have to be clever to please me; all you have to do is want to love me.  Just speak to Me as you would to anyone of whom you are very fond.

Are there any people you want to pray for?  Say their names to Me, and ask of Me as much as you like.  I know all their needs, but I want you to show your love for them and Me by trusting Me to do what I know is best.

Tell Me about the poor, the sick, and the sinners, and if you have lost the friendship or affection of anyone tell Me about that too.

Is there anything you want for your soul?  If you like, you can write out a long list of all your needs, and come and read it to Me.  Tell Me of the things you feel guilty about and I will forgive you, if you will accept my forgiveness.

Just tell me about your pride, your touchiness, your self-centeredness.  I still love you in spite of these.  Do not be ashamed; there are many saints in Heaven who had the same faults as you; they prayed to Me and little by little their faults were corrected.  Do not hesitate to ask Me for blessings for the body and mind; for health, memory, success.  I can give everything needed to make souls holier for those who truly want it.

What is it you want today?  Tell Me, for I long to do you good.  What are your plans?  Tell me about them.  Is there anyone you want to please?  What do you want to do for them?

Are you afraid of anything?  Have you any tormenting, unreasonable fears?  Trust yourself to Me.  I am here.  I see everything.  I will not leave you.

Have you no joys to tell me about?  Why do you not share your happiness with Me?  Tell Me what has happened since yesterday to cheer and comfort you.  Whatever it was, however big or small, I prepared it.  Show Me your gratitude and thank Me.

Are temptations bearing heavily upon you?  Yielding to temptations always disturbs the peace of your soul.  Ask Me, and I will help you overcome them.

Well, go along now.  Get on with your work or play or other interests.  Try to be quieter, humbler, kinder, and come back soon and bring me a more loving heart.  Tomorrow I shall have more blessings for you.

– Author Unknown

Thus Our Lord Jesus has an open heart for all who would enter into communion with Him.  Christ Himself will teach us how to pray sincerely.  Mary, whose role it is to bring all to her Son, will assist us in our quest to pray with the heart.  She does not ask it of some of us, but ALL of us.

Forgiven Man


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