Seeking out a Spiritual Director and Confessor

Posted: June 20, 2013 in Fitness, Spiritual
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Many of us huger for a deeper experience of God.  One of the sure ways is seeking out a spiritual director to aid us in nurturing our spiritual lives.

A Spiritual Director will deal with your spirituality!  What are the qualities a Spiritual Director should possess?

1.   Challenges

  • He/she must “push” you

2.   Intelligent with respect to God

  • Familiar with the Path of Perfection within the spirituality St. John of the Cross and St.        Theresa of Avila and other Church Doctors

3.   Is he/she holy?

  • Total OBEDIENCE to the Church
  • Does he/she LOVE the Eucharist and our Blessed Mother
  • WITNESS to our Catholic faith

4.   What is his/her experience?

5.   Share your Spirituality

  • Give him/her the “meat and potatoes” of what’s going on in your life

6.   Journal

  • Take notes
  • Follow his/her instructions
  • Be organized, disciplined and obedient

7.   Remember your enemies

  • WORLD – the least difficult to conquer
  • DEVIL – the hardest to understand
  • FLESH / SELF – the most tenacious

Finding a Good Confessor

Here you need to deal with the grey matter; you want to do what pleases God.  You need to find out the root of your temptations and sins – you need to deal with your venial sins.

  1. The same pre-requisites as for the Spiritual Director.
  2. You will work from the viewpoint of Grace & Sin.
  3. You will deal with the “occasions” of sin – What set me up to sin – the “how” did I commit that sin – what was the temptation that lead you to sin?
  4. You will get to the root – every part of your sin.


The evil one does not want us to progress.  He will seek to discredit our Spiritual Director and Confessor.  He will try to make you disobey them. Don’t fall for this trap.


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