Satan’s Traps

Posted: June 11, 2013 in Spiritual Warfare
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  1. His traps and snares are sly and concealed.
  2. He devises arguments, contention, criticism, cynicism, ridicule, and slander.
  3. He causes confusion, shows strength, kindness, and generosity, and gives the appearance of busyness.
  4. He tempts through idolatry and blasphemy.
  5. He distorts truth with color, lies, daydreaming, denial, fantasy, and flattery.
  6. He incites curiosity for the forbidden, for gratification and pleasure, he manipulates to tempt through the appearance of good.
  7. He sculpts guilt, shame, discouragement, sadness, despair, self-pity and negativism.
  8. He breaks relationships.
  9. He seeds doubt, worry, suspicion, narrow thinking, prejudice, division, and hate.
  10. He operates through pressure, force, haste, sudden demands, especially through trying to please others, trying to be secretive or anonymous, and joining the crowd.
  11. He encourages independence, isolation, self-defense and survival.
  12. He always accuses, condemns, degrades, and causes judging by outward appearances.
  13. He promotes exterior power through riches, wealth, and influence.
  14. He builds on stubbornness, rebelliousness, hardness of heart, and disobedience.
  15. He creates fear, postponing, delays, inaction and presumption.
  16. He weaves false humility, justice and charity without truth, and truth without charity.
  17. He is master of demanding individual needs, rights and comparing the self with others.
  18. He promotes a lack of forgiveness.
  19. He encourages sin against the Holy Spirit.



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