Fasting and Feasting…

Posted: June 6, 2013 in Spiritual
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This is from my friend, Fr. Santan Pinto, SOLT.

There are two parts to fasting: You fast from something and feast on something else. You are separated from the world and dedicated to God. The understanding is drawn from Scripture. God is inviting you to a feast, but you must fast. Breakfast means to break the fast, not to eat like it is your last meal.



From thinking of food On thinking about God or the Word of God
From wasting time, talent or anything On sanctifying every moment, offer it to God
From worry, being anxious and afraid On trusting God
From prejudice/prejudging On expansiveness, how God sees things
From selfishness On generosity
From greed and possessiveness On providence and God’s wonders
From complaining On gratitude
From criticism On encouragement
From being hasty On being deliberate and determined
From whims and fancy(moods) On discernment
From sensationalism, gossip, loose talk On truth
From doubt On faith
From uncertainty On hope
From impatience On being lowly and meek
From comparing On appreciation
From procrastination/delay On anticipation
From comfort On making others comfortable
From insensitivity On compassion
From boasting or arrogance On praising God
From carelessness On attentiveness
From talking too much On listening
From judging and condemning On forgiveness



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