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All of us in some way need the inner healing of Jesus in our lives.  In some way we may be burdened because of past abuse, family problems, broken relationships, loneliness, the death of a loved one.  Maybe people in our own church have hurt us deeply.  We may have even left the church. These lingering pains in us grow deep and fester anger, resentfulness, discouragement, jealously, resentfulness, un-forgiveness, fear, overeating, sexual impulses, gambling, bitterness, communication breakdowns, hatred, pride, ruined reputations and relationships.  Even our relationship with Jesus is hindered because many times the pain is so great that we start blaming ourselves or that we feel Jesus cannot forgive us or we feel we cannot forgive ourselves.  We stop looking to Jesus for His help; we stop praying.

In some way we are all in need of healing. We need to be healed of these pains where all our inner strength is being used to combat them.   Our strength must be spent on God’s vocation for us; Our vocation of fatherhood.

We cannot just heal ourselves.  First, we have to want to be healed.  Some people don’t want to be healed.  To be healed means we have to acknowledge that there is pain within us, something that many of us don’t want to have to face.  We have to get honest with ourselves. It means we will need to face reality, responsibility.  How easy it would be to not face our burdens and just quit; act like the pain is not there.  But the hurt, the pain is there for many of us and it sucks our strength right out of us.

Jesus is there for us, to give us “rest”.  But we need to acknowledge that we cannot do it alone.  We need to acknowledge that Jesus is our Savior, that He will help us and that we cannot save ourselves. We must ask for God’s help.  When we do this we forgive ourselves, which is where much healing starts.  Healing starts with forgiveness.  We invite Jesus into our hearts to help.  He is waiting for us at the door.  “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you” (Matt 7:7).

With healing comes responsibility.  Jesus heals for a purpose.  Our hearts and strength become open to focus on the vocation God has for us.  He ministered to us so that we can in turn minister to; empathize with others who hurt; who need to begin to forgive; who need to be healed.  We become servants to others.

When healing takes place in us, we are led to increased and lasting forgiveness, a desire to help others, to reach out to others with love and understanding.

Take time to think back in your past.  Remember the painful experiences, the sorrowful experiences that have taken place in your life.  Write them down.  Pray and ask God to teach you and help you grow as fathers through these experiences.  Ask God to heal you of any pain or remorse that continues to dwell in your heart.  Working on our sorrowful experiences with God’s help will bring healing that is needed for us to make progress as fathers.  The Lord is all good.  He turns all to good for those who love Him.  He does not directly will for bad things to happen in our lives.  He allows these so called “bad things” because He knows the good that can come out of them.  Remember God’s ways are not always our ways.



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