Fatherhood – A Call to Holiness

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Fatherhood, Spiritual

Fatherhood is a gift given to you by your Heavenly Father! God made you and your spouse partners in His creation.

This gift of fatherhood is a call to holiness. Holiness is your right and the right of your wife and your children. As fathers, we are now accountable to God to do our best to build, direct, give example, teach and pray for the spiritual development of our children. Our goal – that our family reach heaven.

My aim is to share guidelines to study and follow to grow as men and as fathers – this includes prayers, traditions, and teachings you can share with your family, especially in the spiritual development of your children. Always remember that God will bestow grace upon your own spiritual growth. He will teach you through your wife and your children.

He will show you how much He loves you, how much He protects you. He will teach you how He is there even when you think He is not. Listen to God and learn from Him. He will teach you. Do not be afraid.

As a father, you must also work to “become” a father. We need to work at it; we need to pray at it. It is a demanding vocation.

Unfortunately, in our world today “Fatherhood” is dying – in a crisis – under attack. The attacks are strong and come from various places. In today’s society, we no longer know what it means to be a “man”. The world tries to rob men at a very young age of their dignity; their vocation. To add to this – we were never “trained” or “formed” to be fathers – to be good men after God’s Heart!

It is in our spirituality and Jesus’ special gift to us that the Holy Spirit will guide and strengthen to be strong men and strong fathers!

The Holy Spirit will guide you in becoming a holy father. God calls each of us to be holy. Answering this call requires courage, strength and fortitude. We must be open to God’s graces, His blessings, and what His Plan of Life is for us as men and fathers!

The world paints the father, as if it is acceptable to not have time to spend time with our family; shrug off practicing our faith; living together before you get married; contraception and pornography are OK. These are the lies that the world wants men, wants fathers to believe.

In business, men find themselves living to work instead of working to live. We spend more time getting to know our competitors than we do our own children.

We must examine our desires. What is it that drives us?
Many did not accept our Lord Jesus because He questioned their desires. He challenged them.

We must build our family and w must become strong from holiness – from God. God calls each of us to be holy! To answer this call requires guts – we must be open to God’s graces and blessings. This is our battle – answering God’s call to holiness!

We have to come to know ourselves. Why do we fall? Why do we sin? What are the temptations in our lives that lead us to sin? Sin is tasty and feels so good. The devil works to lure us in with something initially good that “catches our eye”.

The formation of “fatherhood” takes place in our hearts! God, our Father, is our example and our model of what it means to be a father. The Catechism (2205) says, “The Christian family is a communion of persons, a sign and image of the communion of the Father and the Son in the Holy Spirit. In the procreation and education of children it reflects God the Father’s work of creation. It is called to partake of the prayer and sacrifice of Christ. Daily prayer and the reading of the Word of God strengthen it in charity. The Christian family has an evangelizing and missionary task.

Lock and Load for the Battle!


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